GGNO – Gas Gathering Network Optimiser

Based on our experience in optimising underground access networks, MineOptima has developed software to reduce costs in gas-field pipe networks. The new package called GGNO outputs a near optimal layout (template) of a gas gathering network for a given set of wells. Using GGNO we have demonstrated savings of 12-25% over manually designed, flow compliant designs.

follow link This new software has been trialled on four gas-field test examples to date with apparent savings in the range 12-25% over previous manual layouts. It optimises the network topology using a flow weighting factor to give an upper bound on the required pipe diameters and then transfers this template to a pipeline engineer for hydraulic analysis to verify and nominate final pipe diameters. We insert these revised, flow-compliant, pipe diameters into our software to find the optimal geometry for the final design. The software can handle constraints, such as forcing some pipelines to follow a route through a specified land corridor. The software can run designs spanning a field of up to 100 wells in a matter of minutes. Currently GGNO is only available as a service run by MineOptima operators as required by the client throughout a design project.